Patients Reviews

I began my weight loss journey in August 2022 at 186 pounds. I'm 5'2" and was in a plus size 1X. I stuck to it. My weight loss was slow. Now, 6 months later, I'm down 40 pounds and in a size Medium. I feel great and people tell me I look great. I'm almost to my goal weight. Other diet or weight loss plans didn't work for me. I've done Scarsdale, counting calories, WW, Southbeach, Keto. It was a struggle, I won't lie. But so worth the money I paid. I couldn't have done it without help and determination. Thank you, Doctor Imam!

Karla J. | Feb 03, 2023
I started Dr. Imam's Level System a few days ago, and today (Saturday) is usually the day my husband and I eat out at our favorite spots, so I started counting my calories and realized that while still going to the same spots we always do, but being conscious of the Levels and calories, I eliminated more than 1,300 calories that I would have normally eaten over my allowed amount, that's like one third of a pound!

Roqaya A. | Dec 11, 2022