Pricing and Memberships

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What does the program include

At the Cure Weight Loss Clinic, we have realized that most weight loss plans are focused solely on the number on the scale and offer medications as a one-size-fits-all solution without providing any customer support. We understand that this approach is not effective, which is why we have created a unique weight loss ecosystem that focuses on long-term weight loss, health, and longevity.

Our weight loss ecosystem is comprised of five main pillars: medication support for rapid fat loss, nutrition support, accountability, behavioral changes, and activity support. Prices for our programs depend on your insurance obesity drug coverage plus a non-insurance covered monthly membership rate starting as low as less than $8 a day! Our goal is to help you achieve lasting and successful weight loss and to improve your life well into the future.

Non-insurance based fee includes: 

Doctor's visits - no extra fees!

Medication Advisor Advocate to get you the lowest prices on weight loss medications - this could save you thousands of dollars

App with nutrition support, educational videos, follow-ups, and meal-planning guides

Data Analysis via body scanner and blood work - all included

Supply of weight loss medication - depending on the membership type

Lipo- B Vitamin injections - depending on the membership type

No Surprise bills!