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B12 Shots services offered in Arlington and Irving, TX

If you’re deficient in vitamin B12, it can leave you without energy and impair your metabolism. Vitamin B12 shots, provided at Cure Weight Loss Clinic in Arlington, Texas, by Waseem Imam, DO, and his experienced team can boost weight loss and your sense of well-being. To find out how vitamin B12 shots can help you, call the office or book an appointment online today. 

B12 Shots Q & A

What is vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is an essential B vitamin that promotes red blood cell production, enhances brain function, contributes to nerve function, and is essential to metabolic efficiency. B12 helps your body convert fat and protein into energy as well as break down carbohydrates. 

B12 is available in a number of whole foods, like liver, shellfish, and fortified cereals. However, it can be hard to get all the vitamin B12 you need from foods, especially if you’re on a restrictive diet. Many people also lack the specific compound called intrinsic factor, which is necessary for the absorption of B12 when it enters your gut.

In addition, if you have diabetes and you take metformin to manage it, the medication can affect your ability to absorb vitamin B12 properly. 

Vitamin B12 deficiency is common, and often causes fatigue, irritability, vision problems, tingling fingers and toes, and depression. The good news is that B12 deficiency is treatable.

How can vitamin B12 shots help with weight loss?

B12 shots offer a substantial dose of the vitamin to optimize your metabolism and fat-burning capacities. 

You may also experience an improvement in symptoms related to vitamin B12 deficiency, including pale skin, dizziness, blurry vision, and persistent fatigue. B12 injections might help stabilize your moods and ease the symptoms of depression, as well.*

Injections are preferable to oral deliveries of B12 because you won’t lose any of the nutrient in the digestive process. When vitamin B12 shots are combined with smart nutritional strategies, lipotropic injections, and other weight loss strategies, they can speed up weight loss. 

How many vitamin B12 shots will I need?

Your body doesn’t store B12. It takes what it needs from the injections and gets rid of the rest through your natural processes. Cure Weight Loss Clinic may recommend weekly injections to get the most benefits. Your visits take just a few minutes each. 

To learn more about the role of vitamin B12 in your body and how it can help with your weight loss process, call Cure Weight Loss Clinic or book an appointment online today. 

*Individual results may vary