Hormone Therapy

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Hormone Therapy services offered in Arlington and Irving, TX

Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers and play a powerful role in sexual health, energy levels, and your metabolism. At Cure Weight Loss Clinic in Arlington, Texas, Waseem Imam, DO, and his expert team provide hormone therapy to optimize your weight loss. To explore how hormone replacement can help you on your weight loss journey, call the office or book an appointment online today. 

Hormone Therapy Q & A

How do hormones affect my weight?

When you’re struggling with weight loss, despite eating well and moving more, your hormones may be responsible. Hormone imbalances increase as you age, but can also develop due to stress and genetic conditions. 

Hormones regulate organ function, energy production, fat metabolism, body temperature, and sexual function. As you age, hormone levels naturally change. You experience reductions in hormones like DHEA, parathyroid, calcitonin, and progesterone. Women experience decreases in estrogen as they approach menopause and men produce less testosterone as they age. 

When your body doesn’t have an optimal balance of hormones, you lose the ability to regulate the processes that lead to weight loss. Your metabolism slows, you gather fat at your belly, and lose the enthusiasm and energy necessary for quality exercise. 

How can hormone therapy help with weight loss? 

Hormone therapy helps create the balance of hormones that optimize your body’s ability to lose weight. The team at Cure Weight Loss Clinic runs blood tests to determine your hormone levels and find your exact deficiencies. This way, you receive just the right levels of hormones you need to get back into balance. 

When your hormones are balanced, your metabolism works more efficiently and your energy levels increase. You’re set up to burn fat more efficiently and build lean mass. 

What types of hormones do you offer through hormone therapy?

When your hormones are in balance, your body is better able to respond to weight loss efforts like diet and exercise. The hormones that help most with fat loss and metabolism efficiency are: 

  • Testosterone: a male sex hormone produced by both men and women that inhibits fat storage
  • Estrogen: a female sex hormone that controls appetite 
  • Progesterone: a sex hormone that helps stored body fat convert to energy
  • DHEA: a hormone that promotes weight loss by slowing fat storage and cravings for dietary fat
  • Insulin: a hormone that helps your body store glucose (blood sugar)
  • Incretin: a hormone that produces a sense of fullness
  • Pregnenolone: a hormone that regulates other hormones to prevent belly fat storage

The team at Cure Weight Loss Clinic helps manage hormone levels so you can lose weight effectively. Call the office or book an appointment online today to learn more.